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15-Foot Tall Buddha Sculpture Coming to Grant Park

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The wooden sculpture will double as the newest feature in the skate park near 11th Street

On Saturday June 25, a new sculpture is coming to the south end of Grant Park. Sited in the skate park just south of the 11th Street pedestrian overpass, the new 15 foot tall Buddha sculpture will be not just be the park's newest art installation, but also the latest skatable feature. The edges of the wood sculpture are to be lined with steel angle irons allowing for patrons of the skate park to grind alongside the object.

The sculpture was designed by Tashi Norbu, a Tibetan born contemporary artist living in The Netherlands. Norbu had formed a partnership with locally based Halldoor Woodworking, which allowed the sculpture to be created in the Bridgeport Art Center using reclaimed wood for the entire project. The figure of Buddha is composed in the classical sitting form, but with an abstract assemblage of rectilinear blocks.

The jade and emerald green painted sculpture received all of its wood material from Reuse Depot, a business located in west suburban Maywood who salvages building materials for re-purposing rather than sending them to the landfill. The entire project is being privately financed by North Branch Management and intends to serve as an example of environmental sustainability while serving as the park’s newest interactive attraction.

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