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Proposed Mixed-Use High-Rise for Rogers Park Could Have a Target Store

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The CHA is currently in discussions on developing a surface parking lot next to Loyola

According to an announcement from Alderman Joe Moore (49th), the Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) is moving forward with discussions regarding a new mixed-use development at the northwest corner of the Devon and Sheridan intersection next to the Loyola campus in Rogers Park. The site, currently a parking lot for the Caroline Hedger Apartments tower, could be transformed into a new high-rise development with Target as the retail anchor. Moore adds that the CHA has tapped Three Corners Development for the project.

Details on height, aesthetic, and parking are still being ironed out. However, it is worth noting that the development could take advantage of the transit-oriented development ordinance considering the site’s proximity to the Loyola Red Line station. More importantly, it’s still not yet determined if the CHA will keep the property and have Three Corners lead the redevelopment and management of the project, or if the CHA will sell the property to the developer outright.