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Proposed 535-Foot Streeterville Apartment Tower Shows Signs of Life

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Crews have taken early steps ahead of potential construction

One of Streetervill’s prime undeveloped lots saw new activity over the weekend as workers began moving dirt and taking samples at the southeast corner of E. Illinois and N. Park. Located just north of the recently sold North Water Apartments/Loew’s Hotel, the vacant site at 465 N. Park was announced for development by Chicago-based Jupiter Realty Company and partner Met Life last year. After growing slightly, current plans call for a 47-story, 535-foot tower from architects Pappageorge Haymes Partners.

The mixed-use development is expected to contain 444 dwelling units, 181 parking spaces, and 11,650 square feet of retail and commercial space. The curvaceous glass- and metal-clad design is similar in appearance to Pappageorge Haymes’ One Museum Park with both designs crowned by a decorative "chef’s hat." Plans also include a revamp of Ogden Park — the less-than-optimized strip of open space between Park Drive and Columbus Drive.

City approvals are all in place and, though no building permits have been issued, the recent activity is a clear sign that the project could begin shortly. Due to Streeterville’s location atop industrial era landfill, its soil often contains traces of radioactive thorium from the gas lamp wicks produced at the old Lindsay Light company. To ensure proper waste remediation, crews prepping 465 N. Park are utilizing particle detectors (aka Geiger counters). The detection equipment can clearly be seen next to the dig site.