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Upcoming West Loop Townhouses Get Aesthetic Update, List for $2.2M

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The new units are spacious at 5,500 square feet

A new townhouse development for the West Loop has received a bit of a makeover as it gears up for sales. The new townhouses, located at 20 Loomis Street, are looking to hit on the higher end of the market, with four-bedroom, four bathroom units asking $2.199 million. The development first landed on our radar nearly two years ago when a website with renderings and project details appeared online.

However, the red and beige has been ditched in favor of the dark gray and black look that is very trendy this moment. Broker Austin Pearson kicked over a higher res and updated image of the development for us to share. The basic design is still the same and the project still features an elevate courtyard space and each unit has a private rooftop deck.

Here’s what the sales guys are pitching now:

And here's a look at the previous renderings for the project: