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Here's How Much You Should Expect to Pay to Live Near Each ‘L’ Station

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Home prices can vary dramatically by each line and individual stations

It's no surprise that folks pay a premium to live in desirable neighborhoods, and to help illustrate how sale prices change throughout the city, real estate search site Estately has created a graphic of the CTA ‘L’ system with prices next to each transit station that reflect the median price per square-foot of residences within a half mile of each station.

Using sales data from the last six months, Estately's map shows that buyers pay a premium to pay closer to the city center, and prices continue to decrease as you go further down the lines. According to the data, homes surrounding the Grand Red Line station command the highest prices per square-foot than any other station along the entire network. Meanwhile, the Pink and Green lines offer some of the least expensive residential properties connected to mass transit in the entire city.