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Edgewater Group Pushes for New Lakefront Extension North of Hollywood

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The ambitious waterfront project is designed by Chicago's Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill

While Chicago’s open lakefront is arguably one of the Windy City’s greatest resources, the public amenity only extends so far north — abruptly terminating where North Lake Shore Drive turns inland and meets Hollywood and Sheridan. This however may change if an Edgewater community group championing an ambitious scheme to extend Chicago’s lakefront past Hollywood north to Devon can wrangle the governmental will and resources necessary to see their vision realized.

Dubbed the Edgewater Beachwalk, the project not only calls for a new series of beaches between Ardmore and Devon, but also the creation of a new boat dock, beach house, dog park, cycling and jogging trails, acres of new parkland, and anti-erosion infrastructure. The Edgewater Beachwalk Chicago Group has tapped local architectural firm Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill to design the project and have posted a series of before and after conceptual renderings on their website.

While local Alderman Harry Osterman is in favor of such a project, he reportedly does not feel that the Beachwalk as a top priority amidst Chicago’s ongoing financial struggles. Undeterred, the Beachwalk Group will host a series of events to boost awareness of the proposal and help raise funds. The first such event will take place this evening at 7:00 PM at the Berger Park Mansion located at 6205 N. Sheridan Road. According to Edgeville Buzz, additional information and renderings from AS+GG are expected to be presented at the open house.