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Upcoming Woodlawn TOD to Feature 70 Low-Income Apartments

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The transit-oriented project will rise near the Cottage Grove CTA stop

Rendering via POAH

While last year's overhaul of the city's Transit Oriented Development (TOD) ordinance has spurred a flurry of market-rate projects on the north side, a new low-income proposal headed to the intersection of Cottage Grove and 63rd Street will see TOD spread to Chicago's Woodlawn neighborhood. Dubbed Woodlawn Station, the south side mixed-use project is part of the larger Woodlawn Choice Initiative by developer Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH). Current plans call for 55 apartments and 15,000 square feet of ground floor retail in a four-story building plus an additional 15 units on scattered sites a block to the south on Maryland Ave.

Image via Google Street View

Though this specific parcel falls within an existing Planned Development that includes a parking requirement spread across several buildings, additional parking will likely be kept to a minimum thanks to the updated ordinance and the site’s extreme proximity to the CTA Green Line. With the Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) recently announcing low-income tax credits for the project, Woodlawn Station has cleared a vital hurdle prior to construction which is expected to commence this fall. Design of the four-story structure is handled by Gensler with Nia Architects acting as architect of record.

Rendering via POAH

Woodlawn Station

6251 S Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, USA