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Proposed Mixed-Use Riverfront Tower to be Unveiled Next Week

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The hotel/office project will connect to the 1914 Reid Murdoch Center

A date has been set for the public unveiling of a glassy highrise office and hotel proposal overlooking the Chicago River. Hosted by Alderman Brendan Reilly (42nd), the meeting will take place on Monday, May 9th at 6:00 PM in the River Roast restaurant located in the Reid Murdoch Center at 315 N LaSalle.

The future development will be an addition to the seven-story 1914 Murdoch building, replacing a parking lot described in its official Planned Development (PD) application by its lengthy address of "314-332 North Clark Street, 315-333 North LaSalle Street, 101-131 West Carroll Avenue." Thankfully the site is also going by the more concise address of 330 N Clark.

At the meeting, representatives of the development team at Friedman Properties LTD will present the details of their plan — which is expected to include office space, about 500 hotel rooms, and new retail wrapped in a modern tower designed by HKS Architects. According to preliminary paperwork filed last month, the new structure will rise to roughly 377 feet.

While the height figure isn't all that impressive when compared to the neighboring 784-foot 300 N LaSalle building, the Friedman tower will be working within a much more tightly confined footprint. That said, given the site’s prominent placement along the Chicago River — regarded as one of the planet’s finest collections of skyscraper architecture — hopes are that the design of 330 N Clark will be as inspired as its location.

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