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Five Studio Apartments in Renovated Buildings for $1,000/month

Ready to move out on your own? Here's a handful of studios that can be rented for $1,000


Are you new to Chicago and looking for a place to live? Or perhaps you're just ready to break free from your room mates and just want to live alone. The good news is that there are always studios for rent throughout the city. Depending on where you decide to live, you can spend anywhere from $800 to $2,000 per month on a studio apartment. However, today we're looking at studios in renovated buildings that will cost you around $1,000 per month.

424 W. Diversey Parkway

This little studio in Lincoln Park may be small, but it's located only a couple of blocks from the lake, shopping, and restaurants. The building also has some amenities, things like a fitness center, bike storage, and a sundeck. The rents for a studio in this rehabbed building cost somewhere in the range of $895 - $1245.

3308 W. Schubert Avenue

Here's a decent little studio in Logan Square that is well within walking distance from the Blue Line and the hip bars and restaurants in the popular neighborhood. This one is pet friendly, although having a dog will cost you an extra $300 up front. This one is renting for $995/month.

849-863 W. Buena Avenue

Looking to live in the Uptown area? You'll be able to get a studio in the historic Buena Park pocket neighborhood for $1,040. The building is a large courtyard building, and the units aren't tiny compared to studios and one bedrooms found in other neighborhoods. The listing is filled with classic broker babble stuff though. "We know you're going to come for the location, but you'll stay for the lifestyle."

4400 N. Rockwell Street

$995 will get you into a studio in the Ravenswood neighborhood. You won't be as close to the lake, but you will be just steps away from California Park which features tennis courts, a pool, and playground. The Western bus and Rockwell Brown Line station are also close by.

6945-6951 N. Ashland Avenue

Forget about studio life. For $1,025 per month you can get a one bedroom at this building in Rogers Park. The apartment is spacious, is cat friendly and comes with free heat. It's also just a couple blocks away from the Red Line and grocery shopping, which is nice.