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Navy Pier's Brand New Ferris Wheel Opens Friday

Individual tickets will start at $12

After months of waiting, Chicago residents and tourists will get their first chance to take ride on Navy Pier's new Ferris wheel tomorrow. Visitors to Navy Pier, the state's most popular tourist destination, will not only get a vantage point from the new Ferris wheel, now called Centennial Wheel, but they'll also be able to ride in comfort as the new attraction features 42 temperature controlled gondolas. The previous Ferris wheel, which was erected on Navy Pier in 1995, has since moved on to grace the skyline of Branson, Missouri. The new Centennial Wheel stands at a height of 196 feet and will be able to hold over 500 people at a time. Individual rides will cost $12 while a "Premium Wheel Experience," which limits the number of people in a gondola to just four, will cost $50.