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Bright 3-Bedroom Riverfront Townhouse in Logan Lists for $524K

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Surround yourself with nature in this four-level waterside home

Nestled between Diversey and Western where Logan Square and Lincoln Park come together, this brightly-lit home offers a naturalistic retreat in the heart of Chicago's bustling north side. Featuring three bedrooms, two-and-half bathrooms, a garage, boat dock, landscaped courtyard, and two separate private terraces overlooking the north branch of the Chicago River, this four-story corner property recently hit the market seeking $524,500.

Part of a townhouse development originally built in 2000, the property has since seen the river as well as much of the surrounding area change for the better. As the river continues its transition from industrial use towards becoming a greater recreational and transportation asset and the nearby CHA Lathrop Homes prepares for a reinvention as a mixed-use, mixed-income development, this leafy waterfront oasis is likely to increase in desirability moving forward.