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Chicago Blackhawks Captain Jonathan Toews Lists Lincoln Park Mansion

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This NHL star is looking to downsize but will stay in the city

Just 18 months after purchasing his 6,400-square-foot mansion in Lincoln Park, Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews is ready to move on to something smaller, the Chicago Tribune reports. Toews paid $3.5 million for the five-bedroom home in November 2014, just months after re-upping with Blackhawks—a deal that will earn the NHL star $84 million over eight years. However, Toews' agent tells the Tribune that the Blackhawks captain is actually looking to find something smaller. Toews upgraded from a condo in the Lakeshore East neighborhood when he moved to Lincoln Park in late 2014, but his broker indicates that he plans on staying in the city. Toews' mansion returns to the market with an asking price of $3.899 million.