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North Center Apartment Proposal Returns as Transit-Oriented Development

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The proposed apartment building for Grace Street has reduced its parking count slightly

An apartment proposal planned for the former Hines Lumber site in North Center has been slow to break ground, but there's been yet another change to the programming for the building. The project's developer, Capital 99 LLC, will utilize the city's transit-oriented development (TOD) ordinance to reduce the total parking count down to 54 spaces from the originally planned 62 spaces. The change would hardly be worth noting, however, parking has been a main point of contention for this proposal since it was first unveiled over two years ago. The proposed building for 1801 W. Grace Street will stand at six stories and feature 62 apartments.

While the proposal has been in the works for the last two years, a soil testing rig was spotted at the site in February. Soil testing isn't a guarantee that construction is imminent, but it is certainly a sign that things are moving along. The new development will be wedged in between two rail lines, one operated by Metra and the other by the CTA. Vehicle traffic has become an issue in the direct vicinity due to the popularity of the Trader Joe's grocery store around the corner on Lincoln. However, the developer is looking to reduce the parking for the development, albeit ever so slightly. The proposal will now be added to the growing list of TODs planned for the greater North Side of Chicago.