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Ukrainian Village Development Tones Things Down Before Completion

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A new condo development dumped its contemporary design for something more conservative

If you've been paying attention to Chicago real estate development, you've probably noticed that most of the striking, unique designs for new buildings is reserved for high-profile projects in the greater downtown area. However, sometimes—albeit, rarely—a developer comes forth with renderings of a very unique design for an apartment or condo project further out in the neighborhoods.

Some of the wildest renderings we've seen in recent years came from Panoptic Group, a developer that specializes in contemporary construction with high-tech amenities. While the developer has delivered on many of their single family homes that feature contemporary designs and state of the art extras, one of their larger projects for Western Avenue was toned down considerably.

In March 2014, some renderings of a webbed steel and glass building appeared on the developer's website. The wild looking renderings for 701 N. Western showed a building that was certainly unlike anything else in the Ukrainian Village area. But beyond the purely aesthetic take, the developer said that the design would serve a purpose by acting as a solar shade. However, a reader has sent over some photos of the completed building, which looks completely different than what was originally planned for the property. It's just an interesting look at how the reality can sometime be very different than the early renderings.

Update: Panoptic has reached out to offer a little more context on the building's final design and construction. "Even though we decided not to implement the exoskeleton facade design, we focused our efforts on interior design and finishes," Roman Popovych tells us. Panoptic has also sent over a few photos of the building's interior, which can be viewed in the gallery below.