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Rare Frank Lloyd Wright Home in Barrington Hills Finds Buyer

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The home was under contract just three days after listing

A very unique Barrington Hills home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is now under contract after just a few short days. Known as the Louis B. Frederick House, the home was constructed in 1958, making this one of Wright's very last homes as the famous architect passed away the following year.

The 2,550-square-foot home is not totally unlike other Wright homes in the sense that seeks to become one with its surrounding environment, but it's not exactly similar to his Prairie homes. Another thing that makes this house particularly special is that it has been owned by the same family since it was constructed. The photos reveal a home that likely looks as it did decades ago, with very few updates or major changes.

Because of its location in Barrington Hills, there is a mandated minimum for homes to stand on at least a five-acre property. This home comes with ten, but the listing agent suggest that this could be broken up into two separate properties. Would Wright approve of such a move?

It may be too late to claim this rare Wright work out in the far northwest suburbs as it is currently under contract, but there may be more untouched gems out there waiting to list. It's not unusual for Wright's homes in the Chicago area to sit on the market for months—or even years—but this squat, earthy home designed by Wright was scooped up right away.