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Noble Square Storefront and Apartments Can Be Had for $570K

Ever wanted to own a small business and a couple of residences? Here's your chance.

The greater Wicker Park and Noble Square/East Village area has some of the best walkable retail of any area on the city's northwest side. There are heaps of popular restaurants, bars, cafes, and boutiques along Milwaukee Avenue and Division Street, but Ashland could use a little more love. This listing for a mixed-user along Ashland includes a storefront, two apartments, and a garage.

The location is pretty fantastic, as the building is just steps away from the Division Blue Line station and major bus lines. This section of Noble Square witnesses a lot of pedestrian traffic, so if you've ever wanted to open a small business and own a couple of residences, here's your chance. The building listing last September for $700,000, but has come down a number of times since then. It's being sold in as-is condition and can now be had for $569,900.