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Harold Zook-Designed Home in Hinsdale Seeks $1.5M

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This old Tudor home has been overhauled

R. Harold Zook may perhaps not be as well known as other early twentieth century architects that left their mark on the Chicago area, however, Zook designed dozens of high-end homes in the suburbs and some notable commercial buildings like the now-demolished Salerno Cookie factory and Park Ridge's Pickwick Theatre. While Zook had a good eye for Art Deco designs, this five bedroom home built in 1932 leans towards the Tudor Revival style. The listing details, a wall of all-capitalized text, indicates that the home is centered around a 70-foot tower, which can be seen in a couple of the photos. The home has clearly been updated over the years as the kitchen and bathrooms look virtually brand new. This home from a Chicago area master can be had for $1.499 million.