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Old Post Office Owner Was Dead Before Deal Was Completed

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It turns out that the longtime post office owner died days before the deal was finalized

In yet another bizarre turn of events surrounding the sale of Chicago's Old Main Post Office, it is now being reported by the Chicago Tribune that Bill Davies, the British developer that had owned the building since 2009, was dead days before deal was completed. The city officially announced the completion of the sale of the massive Art Deco building on Thursday, May 13, and then the following day, it was revealed that Davies had passed away. However, it has been confirmed that Davies' death was due to complications from pneumonia during the weekend prior on May 7.

None of the parties involved in the deal claim to have had any knowledge of Davies' death until after the sale was closed. The New York-based 601W Cos., the developer that purchased the building from Davies for $130 million, tells the Tribune that they were unaware of Davies' passing until last Friday when it was first announced.