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Avondale Proposal Would Replace Vacant Hardware Store with 56 Dwelling Units

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The new development would include retail space and on-site parking

A plan to redevelop a long-vacant former Ace Hardware at 2819 W. Belmont into a new five-story, 56-unit residential building made its debut last night at a meeting in the Avondale neighborhood. While developer Stan Sobieski has not yet purchased the property the abandoned store stands on, its planned sale is contingent on the parcel receiving a zoning increase from B1-3 to B3-3.

Designed by Baranyk Associates LTD, the proposal would feature 40 two-bedroom units ranging between 1,100 and 1,200 square feet in size. The remaining 16 units would be of the smaller, single bedroom variety. The structure would utilize concrete block construction wrapped in a brick facade.

At this time Sobieski is favoring condo units over rental apartments but remains undecided on what direction the project will ultimately take. It is also unclear if the developer will accommodate the requisite affordable-rate dwelling units on-site or instead opt out and pay into the city’s affordable housing fund.

Parking will be divided between 27 indoor garage spaces and 33 outdoor stalls accessible via a rear alleyway. The project will also feature 5,400 square feet of commercial frontage along Belmont. The developer hopes to court a retail tenant that would activate the small triangle of open space located at the northeast corner of property as some kind of outdoor seating.

While Alderman Deb Mell and the project's developer introduced the proposal to members of the Avondale community, a follow up public meeting is expected take place in the in the coming weeks.

Full disclosure: Curbed Chicago editor AJ LaTrace is a member of the Avondale Neighborhood Association's zoning committee.