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Vince Vaughn Splitting Up Palmolive Penthouse, Lists Two Levels for $8.5M

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Actor Vince Vaughn is selling the top two floors of the Art Deco building

Actor and Chicago sports superfan Vince Vaughn is now taking a new approach in selling his spacious penthouse atop the Art Deco Palmolive Building. Instead of chopping down the asking price yet again, the actor is now splitting up the three-level property and selling one unit off as a two-level duplex penthouse. According to the latest listing, Vaughn is selling a 7,800-square-foot penthouse that spans the building's 36th and 37th floor for $8.5 million. While $8.5 million is still a big number for Chicago, the latest ask is only a fraction of the $24.7 million that Vaughn wanted when he first listed the unit in August 2011. However, there's now a 4,000-square-foot difference in the size of the penthouse now that one level has been removed from the listing. Vaughn was most recently asking $13.9 million for the entire three-level lot just over a year ago.

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