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George Lucas in Talks with San Francisco Mayor on Museum Deal

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The filmmaker may be moving his museum plan back to San Francisco

MAD Architects

George Lucas has recently met with San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee to discuss a potential site in the West Coast city for his Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, SF Gate is reporting. Lucas and wife Mellody Hobson have previously hinted that they may take their $400 million plan elsewhere due to the drawn out legal battle to stop the museum from being built on Chicago's lakefront. According to SF Gate, Lucas and Lee have been discussing a site in San Francisco's Treasure Island neighborhood. It's expected that San Francisco's mayor will send a letter to Lucas and museum reps formally requesting them to consider refocusing their efforts on bringing the museum plan back to San Francisco.

As the latest plan for Chicago stands, there's very little to no chance that Mayor Rahm Emanuel will be able to muster enough support in Springfield to demolish the Lakeside Center at McCormick Place and borrow over $1 billion to build new convention center space on the other side of Lake Shore Drive.

According to reports, if Lucas does refocus his efforts back to San Francisco, he would present a brand new design for the museum. It's likely that the museum would be smaller than the one originally plan for the Presidio in San Francisco and Chicago's lakefront.