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Musician Richard Marx Relists Mansion With Big Price Reduction

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Marx has knocked $4 million off the price since it originally listed in 2014

The 30,000-square-foot home of musician Richard Marx has returned to the market once again, and this time the David Adler-designed mansion can be had at its lowest price yet. The large Georgian-style home was built in 1931 and certainly has a European flair to it, however there are some modern extras that were added after Marx purchased the home in 1997. For one, the home boasts a full blown recording studio, complete with acoustic treatments and a control room. There's also a rather large home theater room with plenty of seating for friends and family members.

The home first entered the market in November 2014 with an asking price of $18 million. At the time of listing, the home was one of the priciest for sale in the entire state. Almost a year later, the home received its first big price reduction, chopping $2 million off the ask. However, today, the home reenters the market with new photos and a new asking price: $13.99 million. The latest ask represents a $4 million reduction from the original listing price. Will it be enough to entice a buyer?