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George Maher-Designed Mansion in Historic Buena Park Lists at $4.595M

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This stately mansion features many original architectural details

One of the most stately mansions in the Uptown neighborhood is up for grabs and can be yours for a cool $4.595 million. Built in 1902, this 10,000-square-foot limestone mansion was designed by noted Prairie-era architect George W. Maher, an architect who designed many homes in the historic Buena Park pocket neighborhood. Like many great homes built during Chicago's gilded age, this mansion boasts classical ornamentation and architectural details like stone columns, hand carved wood millwork, and art glass windows. The home boasts not one or two, but eight fireplaces — many of which appear to be of the classic brick style found in Prairie houses that were built during the period. In addition, the house has a lovely sunroom that looks out onto a large, manicured lawn and garden.

Historic homes like this may not be for everyone, but those that appreciate old world craftsmanship and timeless finishes will certainly be impressed. Of course, a home like this will require fairly deep pockets considering that the asking price is in the millions.