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Checking in on Construction Sites Throughout Streeterville

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Several high-rise projects are underway in the popular Streeterville neighborhood

Harry Carmichael

Like many other downtown neighborhoods, Streeterville is currently witnessing a boom in new construction activity. From high-rise hotels, to apartment towers, to recreation trails, there are many new projects being built in this densely populated area just north of the Chicago River.

Navy Pier Flyover

Construction on the Navy Pier Flyover, an elevated path that will help alleviate congestion on the popular Lakefront Trail, began two years ago, and it will likely be another two years until it is completed and opened to the public. However, construction crews have made significant progress on the $60 million project so far.

Northwestern University Simpson Querrey Biomedical Research Center

Northwestern University is construction a large glassy complex on the site that the old Prentice Women's Hospital formerly occupied. The project will be built in phases, with the first (and current) phase being the construction of a 13-story tower designed by Perkins + Will. The construction of the project was bolstered by a $92 million gift from Northwestern alum Louis Simpson and wife Kimberly Querrey.

One Bennett Park

At approximately 850 feet, this new high-rise being built at 451 E. Grand Street is currently the tallest tower under construction in Chicago. The tower comes from developer Related Midwest, who teamed up with New York's Robert A.M. Stern Architects for the project. The project will also see the overhaul of a park next door, which is being designed by Michael Van Valkenburgh, a prominent landscape designer that has worked on the 606 trail and Maggie Daley Park.

400 N. Lake Shore Drive

Well, there's really not much to see here. It's the foundation hole from the stalled out Chicago Spire project. Developer Related Midwest took control of the site in late 2014, and promised to build an "architecturally significant" tower at the site. However, all has been quiet on this front for the last year and a half.

Optima II

This tall, glassy tower will soon be joining its sibling in the Streeterville skyline, but for now, workers continue building out the frame of the high-rise. The parking levels have been built out and workers have moved on to the residential levels, which will eventually contain 498 rental units. The building will rise to 587 feet when it is completed, making it one of the taller buildings to be constructed in recent years.

Marriott Autograph Hotel

The Chicago hotel market has been booming in the last few years, and new hotel projects continue to sprout throughout the greater downtown area. This new 21-story hotel will deliver another 200 hotel rooms to the city's downtown when it is completed. Local architects KOO LLC was tapped for design duties of the slim, slate grey tower.