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Five-Story Mixed User Ready to Rise Along Milwaukee Avenue

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100 apartments and a new Aldi are coming to Bucktown

Construction along Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park and Logan Square has become a common sight, but a new residential and retail development in Bucktown is ready to lift off from the ground. Now that the Aldi that stood at 1767 N. Milwaukee Avenue has been demolished, workers are ready to begin erecting the new six-story development that will eventually deliver 100 apartments and a 18,000-square-foot Aldi grocery store to the location. The project's developer, Centrum Partners, has just received the green light from the city to start on the new building's foundation and construction can start any day now.

The project is just one of many currently under construction along Milwaukee Avenue. And similar to the other big developments coming to Wicker Park and Logan Square, the makeup of this Bucktown development near The 606 trail will be composed of rental apartments, not for-sale condos. And due to its location near The 606, the development has been dubbed Centrum 606. Hirsch Associates is leading the design duties of the project, which will soon join a slew of other projects on the busy northwest side corridor.