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Lincoln Park Home With Contemporary, High-Tech Makeover Lists for $6.295M

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This old brick home is LEED certified and filled with awesome amenities

Lincoln Park has a reputation for being a pricey part of town, so it should be no shocker when a house in the popular North Side neighborhood hits the market with a price tag in the millions. However, one thing that is a bit surprising is the fact that a large, renovated home on Cleveland Avenue that has entered the market asking $6.295 million doesn't place in the top five for priciest listings in the neighborhood.

The spacious six-bedroom, seven and a half bathroom home does impress however, and features a slew of nice amenities and high-end finishes. The home is not an in-your-face luxury mega-mansion, as is common to find in Lincoln Park, instead this is a complete overhaul of an existing building that dates back to 1879. The home sports a kitchen that would make any home chef jealous, an indoor lap pool, a wine cellar, a really nice rooftop deck, and a large yard. The listing agent indicates that the home is LEED certified, as the home boasts touches like Lutron windows, a geothermal HVAC system, and its pool is solar powered.

In many ways, this home is a far greater value than many of the behemoth limestone mega-mansions found in the neighborhood, as a considerable amount of effort and attention to detail went into the renovation of this house. If you're a multimillionaire looking for a really cool home, you really can't go wrong here.