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Overhauled Wicker Park Timber Loft is Warm, Stylish, and Up for Grabs

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This on-trend three-bedroom loft lists for $750K

This spacious and stylish timber loft in the heart of Wicker Park is fit for print, and it can be all yours for $750,000. According to the listing agent, the unit was recently gut rehabbed and completely overhauled. However, not all timber lofts were created equal. Beyond the exposed brick walls and raw timber ceilings that are found in many similar lofts, this one features large windows, reclaimed building materials, high end appliances, and a wood burning fireplace. The building also features a shared rooftop deck and a backyard space.

This loft hits on many current trends, but does not go overboard. The end result is a loft that is warm, inviting, and interesting to the eye. And with three bedrooms and two bathrooms spread over nearly 2,500 square feet of space, there's plenty of room for everyone.