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Lovely Lincoln Park Coach House Can be Had for $425K

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It's technically listed a "condo," but is essentially a single family home

The coach house stands behind a tall, stately greystone on Sheffield Avenue, but it can be purchased on its own for $425,000. Technically, it's listed as the fourth unit of the building, and there is a monthly assessment included, so it's a "condo," but it's not at the same time. The coach house has a classic brick exterior that is splashed with some bright blue that really stands out. The interior is also quite nice and is fully finished.

This one has jumped around in price quite a bit in the last several years. It sold for $394,000 back in 2003, but then later sold for $340,000 in 2011. However, in 2014, the house sold yet again, this time for $385,000. It reentered the market in February of this year, and had an offer in March. However, it returns yet again, this time seeking $425,000.