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Chance the Rapper Teams Up With Hebru Brantley for New Video

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The video's imagery borrows heavily from Brantley's artwork

Famed Chicago denizen and city booster Chance the Rapper has teamed up with local artist Hebru Brantley for his latest music video for the song "Angels." Both the song and the video are homages to Chicago, as the video features many references to Chance's hometown. The video, which was released yesterday, has the West Chatham native flying over Chicago, riding a CTA train car and dancing in front of the Chicago Board of Trade Building. The visuals borrow heavily from Brantley's Flyboy character, which is often featured in murals throughout the city.

The video starts with Chancelor flying through the air while wearing a jumpsuit and goggles, an image that is very similar to the Flyboy character often found in Hebru Brantley's murals.

At one point, one of Hebru Brantley's murals of Flyboy is seen in the video.

Early in the video, Chance flies through the Loop, where the under-construction 150 N. Riverside tower makes a cameo appearance.

During the video, Chance rides through the Loop on top of a CTA train car. These scenes also feature short animations from Brantley's Hebru Brand Studios.

The Chicago Board of Trade Building plays a prominent role towards the end of the video, with the camera focusing on the aluminum sculpture of Ceres, the Roman Goddess of agriculture, at the closing.