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Proposed Overhaul Would Transform Park Near Mag Mile's Old Water Tower

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Thematic playground equipment would pay homage to nearby historic structures

Alderman Brian Hopkins (2nd Ward) and Park District officials hosted a public meeting on Wednesday to present a major redesign of Seneca Park and Eli M. Schulman Playground located in Streeterville. The proposed revamp penned by Chicago landscape architecture firm Site Design Group calls for new landscaping and bespoke play equipment that will reference the historic architecture of the Old Chicago Water Tower, pumping station, and fire house No. 98 located just to the west.

The plan would also see the partial removal of a large metal fence that has somewhat prevented the park from being utilized to its full potential despite its prominent location between Michigan Avenue's Magnificent Mile and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Seneca Park in its current configuration first opened in 1990 and was financed primarily by donations from wealthy neighbors. The $3 million make-over is expected to similarly rely on cash from private individuals. No timeline was provided but, According to DNAinfo, work on the project could be completed in just six months once funding is secured and Chicago Park District approval is granted.