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Three Great Logan Square Two-Flats for Under $750K

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These two-flats won't be on the market for very long

The Chicago two-flat is a very common type of building that can be found in virtually every neighborhood, and there's a reason why they have always been so popular. Two-flats are a great way to help offset the cost of living by serving as a rental property in addition to being the personal residence of the owner. Of course, many people own two-flats as purely an investment property, but there are still countless families living in them.

Logan Square is an area that is experiencing a massive wave of new residences, but developers are quickly converting multi-unit properties into single family homes. However, if you're looking for a two-flat in the area and have a decent budget, you're in luck as there are a handful of great buildings currently available.

2852 W. Dickens Avenue

Price: $650,000

Notes: According to the listing, this brick two-flat has received some major fixes, including tuckpointing, roof repairs, and a new water heater (maybe the boiler?). The hardwood floors are gorgeous and the yard at this one is bigger than normal due to being located on an oversized lot.

3225 W. Dickens Avenue

Price: $679,000

Notes: For $30,000 more than the last listing, you can upgrade from a brick two-flat to a greystone. The interiors in this one are more rental grade, and the rooms are on the smaller side, but this house has a real traditional Chicago vibe to it. The building is just steps away from Palmer Square, which is nice.

2614 N. Francisco Avenue

Price: $750,000

Notes: If you happen to be budgeting $750,000, you can find yourself living in an updated and very clean looking greystone two-flat. One floor has newer finishes and appliances than the other, but with being located just off of Logan Boulevard, you'd be able to rent this one in a heartbeat. The building also has central air and heat and a three-car garage.