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Seven-Story Condo Development Along the Kennedy Lands Building Permit

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Info regarding the 25-unit project is still somewhat sketchy

River West’s Milwaukee Avenue continues to heat up as a new seven-story, 25-unit condo development slated for 640-650 N Morgan successfully secured a construction permit earlier this week. The project, first reported by Crain’s in January of 2015, comes from the Chicago-developer The Domain Group, who also plan 20 more units at nearby 670-680 N Milwaukee. The recently-permitted development will fill a 12,300-square-foot triangular lot wedged between Morgan and the Kennedy Expressway.

Based just off of the documentation the developer filed with the city for a zoning change from M1-3 to B2-5 in 2015, it’s difficult to get a decent sense of what the building — designed by Chicago’s Vari Architects — will actually look like. The Domain Group offers very little on its website while a representative from the group thoughtfully declined when contacted for additional information. Though this may not be Chicago’s tallest or flashiest new development, it will play a role in the slow but steady recovery of Chicago's new condominium market and will certainly draw plenty of eyeballs as it rises right next to the highway.