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Neo-Classical Building Near Union Park Meets the Wrecking Ball

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Demolition crews have begun taking the building down within a week of the demolition permit being issued.

Located at the far end of the West Loop and near the Illinois Medical District is a collection of union halls and offices along Ashland and Odgen Avenues, sometimes referred to as "Teamster City". Unions and organizations representing multiple professions have created a small district onto itself spread among newer and re-purposed buildings housing their respective operations. One such building, located at 1400 West Washington Boulevard is a three story neo-classical structure with a limestone cornice line inscribed with 'Public Life Insurance Company' and most recently was used as the Plumbing Industry Center, the administrative offices of Plumbers JAC Local 130 S.A.

While the view from the street might portray a building that has been well cared for with a nearly immaculate brick and limestone exterior, a demolition permit nonetheless was pulled on April 22. As is common with demolition approvals, the razing of the subject property then occurs soon after. Workers with Heneghan Wrecking are already busy demolishing the rear of the structure and soon this vintage building will be history.

At this present time, there have not been any formal plans announced for a replacement building at this location.