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Navy Pier's Old Ferris Wheel Prepares for Its Big Debut in Branson

The old Navy Pier Ferris wheel will be spinning over Branson, MO this summer

A team of skilled workers from the Netherlands are in Branson, Missouri to help erect a recently acquired Ferris wheel. The new Ferris wheel that will soon stand over this small midwestern city is the one that anchored Chicago's popular Navy Pier for 20 years. According to a recent news release from the Branson Tracks attraction, the installation of the 150-foot-tall Ferris wheel is on schedule for a summer debut. In total, Branson is spending $4 million on the project, which has also covered the Ferris wheel's restoration and some modern upgrades like LED lights.

In the meanwhile, Chicago's newer and taller Ferris wheel at Navy Pier is now standing over the lakefront and is awaiting its big public debut on May 27.