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The Different Flavors of Logan Square's Latest Proposal

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The developer looking to build on California near Milwaukee Ave. has come back with changes

If you've been through Logan Square lately, odds are you've noticed that the area is witnessing a flurry of new construction. From the twin towers rising at California and Milwaukee Avenue, to a new residential project under construction on Armitage Avenue, to the news of an eminent demolition of the Mega Mall, hundreds of new apartment units will come online in the popular neighborhood in the coming years.

However, one project that was proposed around the same time as the others has yet to break ground. Instead, the proposal for a mixed-use development near California and Milwaukee has come back seeking yet another zoning change to build bigger. The proposal comes from Savoy Development, which first presented the plan to Logan Square residents two years. Over the last two years, the proposal has gone through several iterations — from a bright green micro-studio development up to a six-level TOD.

Minty green SRO

When the proposal was first introduced in April 2014, it was to include 63 320-square-foot studio apartments and a minty green exterior. The developer also introduced the building as a single room occupancy (SRO) project, but really all he meant was that it was going to be a micro-apartment development. Nevertheless, the notion of building an SRO in Logan Square confused many who attended the public meeting where the proposal was first formally presented.

Almond TOD

After a contentious neighborhood meeting, the developer returned to the drawing board to make some changes to the development's unit count and exterior color. Any and all allusions to the development being an SRO were dropped, and instead the developer instead focused on utilizing the transit-oriented development ordinance — something many developers are doing for projects along Milwaukee Avenue. The updated plan called for a total unit count of 56 apartments, with the breakdown including 28 400-square-foot studios, 18 one-bedroom, and 10 two-bedroom apartments.

Cheesecake mixed-user

This is the design that was presented to the Chicago Plan Commission for approval back in March of 2015. The proposal called for a five-story building with 52 dwelling units stacked above two retail spaces and parking on the first floor. The unit breakdown presented to the Chicago Plan Commission included 16 studios, 25 one-bedroom, and 11 two-bedroom apartments. While the developer received the green light from the Chicago Plan Commission to move forward with this plan, the property at 2328 North California Avenue would remain idle for the next year.

Six-level Key lime pie

Months after receiving approval to build on the property, Savoy Development announced that it wanted to build bigger and would reintroduce the plan yet again. The latest iteration for the development was revealed this week, this time in the form of a six-level lime green building with 138 apartments, 44 parking space and four ground floor retail spaces. The new plan would also deliver a little pocket park to the area, but a row of vintage buildings would be demolished to make room for it.

The developer will appear once more at a public meeting to introduce the latest proposal on Tuesday, May 10 at 6:30 p.m. at Haas Park.