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South Barrington Mega-Mansion Returns With $3M Price Reduction

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This palatial five-story mansion has all the bells and whistles

While opulent mega-mansions were all the rage in the '90s and '00s, they're not as popular these days and can present challenges when trying to sell — particularly if they're located nearly 40 miles away from the city. We've been cataloging a number of these palatial trophy homes for quite a while now, but real estate reporter Dennis Rodkin confirms that the mega-mansions that South Barrington has become known for are piling up on the market and are becoming increasingly more difficult to unload. There are 19 homes in the Barrington area that measure 10,000 square feet or greater currently on the market, including this enormous estate on Star Lane.

This 22,00-square-foot mansion listed in December with an equally large $10 million price tag, but it returns to the market this week with a major price reduction. It sports all of the usual mega-mansion touches: tall columns fronting the street, a five-stop elevator, an indoor pool, a second kitchen, and the ubiquitous home theater. This home's ego has been slightly deflated and now seeks $6.95 million.