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Checking in on River North's Current Construction Boom

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A handful of new developments are on their way to this downtown neighborhood

Tower construction is a common sight in River North
All photos by Harry Carmichael

Dozens of new high-rise projects are currently being built throughout Chicago, and a solid handful of these new developments are in the process of rising over the River North neighborhood. Once the current round of construction is completed, River North will have hundreds of new apartments and even some new high-end condos.

8 W. Chestnut

A new row of retail space is coming to the Chestnut Place Apartments in the Gold Coast neighborhood. The two-story retail addition will add 6,777 square feet of commercial space to the State and Chestnut intersection.

322 N. Clark

A new hotel is planned for this surface parking lot on Clark Street near the Chicago River. The glass and metal mixed-use project will feature roughly 500 hotel rooms and new retail space fronting Clark Street.

400 W. Huron

Some rare new construction condos are on their way to this site at the Huron and Sedgwick intersection. The new development will deliver only 26 units when it is completed — all of which are sold.

412 N. Wells

This odd lot that faces the 'L' will soon receive a new office building that curves with the elevated tracks. The new development also includes a 22-story apartment tower that will be constructed just west of the nine-story commercial building.

635 N. Wells

The new tower coming up at this former Gino's East location is well underway. The 39-story tower will deliver 444 new apartments when it is completed.

640 N. Wells

Just down the street is yet another apartment tower that is replacing one of the kitschy food establishments that made up the fabric of River North throughout the '90s and '00s. This 22-story tower will contain 251 apartments, 12,000-square-feet of ground floor retail space and 117 parking spaces and is replacing the popular Ed Debevic's '50s-themed restaurant.

720 N. LaSalle

This new tower is taking the place of the retro Howard Johnson Inn that had operated in River North for decades. The 35-story tower will deliver just under 300 units and about 10,000-square-feet of retail space.

All photos by Harry Carmichael

750 N. Hudson

A new 25-story mixed-use tower is currently rising at this site that overlooks Chicago Avenue. The tower will feature 240 rental units and roughly 10,000-square-feet of ground level retail space when completed.

State and Huron

A group of 19th-century buildings were recently demolished to make way for the new development coming to this site at the State and Huron intersection. The proposal for the 26-story tower has been in the works for at least the last three years, but is finally under construction.