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Grayslake House Designed By Lloyd Wright Lists for $3.9M

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The home's design features both modernist and Prairie elements

An angular home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright's son has entered the market with a $3.9 million price tag. Built in 1952, the angular home certainly has a midcentury flair but even has some Prairie style elements with its long, flat, overhanging eaves. While Frank Lloyd Wright made his name by designing many homes in the Chicago area, his son, Lloyd Wright, may be better known for his work in LA. While the house does seems to have some Prairie influence, it's not exactly safe to say that Frank Lloyd Wright worked on the home. According to Crain's, the house's listing agent says that the father and son architects collaborated to design the house, however there is no evidence to prove the claim. Still, the house is interesting on its own right and is a fascinating time capsule of modernist '50s-era design.