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Demolition Expected to Begin on Logan Square's Mega Mall

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A long stretch of Milwaukee Avenue will be overhauled

The massive redevelopment of Logan Square's Mega Mall indoor flea market is poised to move forward as the developer prepares for demolition of the existing site. According to DNAinfo, demolition of the Mega Mall will begin in the coming weeks. Construction of the new project will follow in the autumn. The proposal, which underwent a number of changes after a series of community meetings, will include 240 apartments and nearly 115,000 square feet of commercial space.

The development, dubbed Logan's Crossing, will be anchored by two major commercial tenants. While the developer would not disclose which retail tenants will anchor the project, it has long been planned that a gym and a grocery store will take over the two largest commercial spaces at the development. In addition, the new development will feature a brick exterior that mimics the traditional factory/warehouse loft style of buildings found in Chicago.