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Bronzeville, Buena Park, Cabrini-Green Listed as Best Places to Live

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Chicago magazine unveils their latest list of great neighborhoods

Chicago is a dynamic city that is ever evolving. And because of how quickly the city can change, so too does the quality of life in its many neighborhoods. In their latest "Best Places to Live" list, Chicago magazine chose to highlight neighborhoods that are typically overlooked — areas like Bronzeville, Douglas Park, Humboldt Park, and even Cabrini-Green make the print mag's cut. According to Chicago mag, the editorial staff decided to focus on "areas where you can get lots of value for your money and that appear poised to grow," for their 2016 list.

And sometimes, empirical evidence can be more helpful than just raw data. Chicago reached out to real estate professionals and local experts for their take on which areas are looking to grow. Chicago's community areas can cover a large spread of land, so Chicago magazine focused on smaller subsets of certain neighborhoods. However, some of the names sound closer to real estate broker lingo than neighborhood names actually used by residents (East Humboldt Park and Central Avondale for example). This year's list includes:

  • Buena Park
  • Cabrini Green
  • Central Avondale
  • Douglas Park
  • East Humboldt Park
  • North Bronzeville
  • Northwest Albany Park
  • Pilsen
  • Printers Row
  • West Edgewater
  • West Haven

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