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Neighboring Residential Projects Proposed for Fulton Market District

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The two plans call for a combined 582 new housing units

Recently filed zoning applications with the City of Chicago reveal plans for not one but two new residential projects for the West Loop’s red-hot Fulton Market district offering a combined total of nearly 600 units. The first proposal comes from California-based Bridgford Foods who hope to redevelop their existing Fulton Market property. Their zoning application will see 170 N Green to be replaced with a 13-story residential building while a five-story mixed-use structure is slated to go across the street at 171 N Green. The Hartshorne Plunkard-designed plan calls for 322 dwelling units, 250 parking stalls, new office space, and ground floor retail to be spread across the two separate sub-areas.

Just one block to the west, Tucker Development has similarly big plans for the 900 block of W Randolph. The Highland Park-based firm purchased the majority of the block in 2015 and will rehab a series of landmarked buildings fronting Randolph, Lake, and Sangamon into approximately 91,000 square feet of new office space and retail. At the heart of the plan is an 18-story, 260 unit tower from OKW Architects slated for a parking excluded from the Fulton Market Landmark District.

Despite the difference in height — 13 stories for Bridgford’s building versus Tucker’s 18 — the two developments will be equally dense with both projects seeking an identical Floor to Area Ratio (FAR) of 5.0. Bridgford’s proposal is obviously more spread out as it occupies the entire Lake Street frontage between Green and Peoria. Tucker’s taller, thinner tower will occupy a smaller footprint and will be set back from the preserved low-rise buildings along Lake, Randolph, and Sangamon.

Based on the preliminary diagrams and without seeing artistic renderings, it’s difficult to judge the design of both proposals and visualize how well the new buildings will fit into the fabric of one of Chicago’s trendiest areas. Moving forward, the Planned Development process calls both developers to receive the blessings of 27th Ward Alderman Walter Burnett, Jr. and the various West Loop neighborhood associations before seeking the approval of the Chicago’s Plan Commission and City Council.