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Construction Crews Continue Work on Chicago Riverwalk Expansion

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The project's final phase is expected to be complete by the end 2016

Work on the third and final phase of downtown’s Chicago River Walk project has continued along at a steady clip since last checking-in back in January. The popular waterside public amenity is on track to extend westward with the addition of three more uniquely-designed, block-long segments or "rooms."

The Water Plaza room between LaSalle and Franklin is in the process of getting the foundation of its arcade area installed while structural work and drainage installation is underway at The Jetty segment located between Wells and Franklin. On The Boardwalk, straddled by Lake Street and Franklin, workers continue to construct the sweeping room’s new dockwall and backfill the area behind it.

Interestingly, floating barges are being used as a kind of giant filtration system in which water mixed with fill is drawn from the construction site and allowed to settle and separate before spilling back into the river. Gravel and silt are left behind.

The Chicago Department of Transportation anticipates work on the project to wrap up by the end of 2016. When complete, phase three will continuously link the south bank of the River’s main branch from Lake Street at the river’s confluence all the way to the lakefront roughly 1.3 miles to the east.