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Coyote Spotted Roaming Through Humboldt Park

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It's becoming more common to spot these wild predators in the city

Researchers estimate that thousands of coyotes live in the Chicago area, and over the years, many have been leaving the suburbs for the more densely populated neighborhoods in the city. It's becoming more common than ever to spot the predators roaming Chicago streets as they have adapted to living among humans in major urban environments. And coyotes are not just prowling the streets at night, they're now being spotted during the day.

Humboldt Park resident Steve Kevil spotted a lone coyote this morning near the park's beach. "I was walking my dog around the beach around 10am and the coyote was just chilling in the dry pond grass," Steve tells us. "I've seen coyotes in the city but always by the river. I hope he can find some cover, it's pretty bare bones in Humboldt right now!"

While Humboldt Park is still thawing out from the winter, it's one of the largest green spaces on the city's northwest side and apparently home to some of the city's coyote population.