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Edgewater Residents to Host One More Meeting About Apartment Plan

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Residents are hosting a Q&A with the plan's developer

Just over a month ago, Alderman Pat O'Connor formally announced that the long-planned redevelopment of the shuttered Edgewater Medical Center would be moving forward. The facility had sat vacant for 15 years and had been the subject of several different proposals over the years, however, MCZ Development's plan for 141 upper-end apartments and 78 parking spaces has (so far) gained the most traction. Zoning has been approved for the plan, however the use of TIF dollars has remained controversial.

In his announcement from February, Alderman O'Connor stated that the use of TIFs was still being debated. However, tomorrow evening, Edgewater residents will be meeting once again to discuss the proposal. The West Edgewater Area Residents will be hosting a meeting tomorrow evening at the Experimental Sound Studio (5925 N. Ravenswood Ave.) starting at 7:00 p.m. The meeting will feature a Q&A session with MCZ representatives, who will likely be discussing matters such as the construction timeline and the current TIF situation.