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Neighbors Urged to Oppose Condos Proposed Just North of Trump Tower

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The 16-story project is being challenged for safety resasons

News of Belgravia Group’s efforts to bring new luxury condos to a site above the below-grade parking garage just north of Trump tower first emerged in 2014. Though things have been quiet now for a number of months, the project — known simply by its address of 403 N Wabash — is showing one of the most obvious signs of life: opposition from its neighbors.

Residents of the adjacent River Plaza building at 405 N Wabash have been encouraged to sign a petition opposing the Belgravia project on the basis of "safety concerns." The new development would be simply too close to River Plaza, argues a flyer that was circulated by the building’s board and later posted to the forums at

Though not of the best quality, the flyer image also reveals a revised design for the proposed condos. Compared to an earlier rendering from bKL Architecture, the building’s previously curved river-facing side has been squared-off while the facade has moved away from an offset rectangular pattern to more of a continuous glass curtain wall design. The document also describes 403 W Wabash as 16-stories — one floor fewer than what was reported last year.

The homeowners at River Plaza are hardly the first group to oppose a new development on the grounds of safety. A recently-approved West Loop condo project slated for Peoria Street faced fierce opposition from neighbors who argued the building would impede the progress of first responders in the event of an emergency. The fact that the new development obstructed views from adjacent units was absent from the neighbors’ official complaint.

It wouldn’t be entirely unreasonable for a more cynical observer to assume that similar concerns over lost views may be playing out behind the scenes at 405 N Wabash as well.