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Stanley Tigerman-Designed Unit on Lake Shore Drive Returns With Big Price Cut

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This one was featured by Architectural Digest back in 1983

Looking for something a little funky? This early-80s time capsule on Lake Shore Drive will certainly fit the bill. Designed by Chicago's Stanley Tigerman, this 2,000-square-foot two-bedroom is almost like stepping back in time to the era when Postmodernism sought to bring back ornamentation and interesting shapes that the Miesian brand of modernism rejected. Just check out that staircase, the kitchen bar and that bathroom. This one was so striking when it was completed that it earned the attention of Architectural Digest, which featured the unit in 1983.

The listing for this unit returns this week with a set of new photos and a significant price cut. Last September, the unit listed with a price tag of $735,000. Today, it can be had for $579,000. However, the assessment is not exactly cheap at $1,560 per month.