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Fulton Market Office Project Ready to Move Forward After Receiving Permit

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This Fulton Market development will rehab an incomplete structure in into office space

Chicago's Sterling Bay, the development firm behind the adaptive reuse of the Fulton Cold Storage Building known as 1000K Fulton, is preparing to work its magic once again in the rapidly changing West Loop/Fulton Market neighborhood. Based on the recent issuance of a new construction permit, work may finally soon begin on the long-dormant 1330 W Fulton site.

Simply dubbed Fulton West, the plan calls for finishing the partially completed headquarters that was left abandoned by a defunct consulting firm for over a decade. The resulting nine-story commercial development will provide tenants with 290,000 square feet of office space and will offer amenities such as a rooftop terrace, private balconies, and landscaped green space. According to the project's website, the project has a targeted turnover date of April 2017.