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Cook County Witnesses First Population Drop Since 2007

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U.S. Census Bureau figures show that Cook County lost 10,000 residents in a one-year period

While Chicago has been experiencing a boom in new construction and private sector jobs over the last couple of years, the United States Census has just released new figures that spell out bad news for Cook County. According to the new data from the Census, Cook County has witnessed the greatest population decline of any and all counties in the nation between 2014 and 2015. In that period, Cook County lost 10,488 residents, which represents the first decline in the county's population since 2007. Even with this loss, Cook County still remains the nation's second most populous county with 5.2 million residents. Illinois' dire financial situation and political deadlock are certainly not helping the situation, however, the city's economy has been on a steady rebound since the dark days of the Great Recession.