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River North Rental Project Shows Early Signs of Life

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Soil testing could be a sign of construction to follow

Last summer, Cedar Street Co. announced plans to acquire 676 N LaSalle for $12 million and convert the vintage structure into a new FLATS-branded micro-apartment development. Though the project has since changed to non-micro units, the site is showing promising signs this week with the presence of soil testing equipment at the southwest corner of Huron and LaSalle.

Soil sampling and analysis typically precedes highrise construction is one of the first clear indications that a project is on its way from the proposal phase to reality.

Workers on-site confirmed plans involving a new eight-story structure replacing the surface lot plus a two-story addition crowning the top of the 676 N. LaSalle building — a description that mirrors a rendering of the project that surfaced in January.

With rental towers at 640 N Wells, 720 N LaSalle, and 167 W Erie all under construction within a single block radius of the proposed Cedar Street development, this corner of River North may soon become a forrest of construction cranes.