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Rent This Avondale Two-Bedroom for Just $975/month

You'd also be just a five-minute walk from Kuma's Corner

If you're looking for a new apartment, you may be surprised to see how much rents have gone up since you last moved. Remember when $700 could get you a studio in Lincoln Park or a two-bedroom in Logan Square? Yeah, those days are long gone. However, budget-conscious renters still have good options available to them. Take this two bedroom in Avondale for instance. It's asking only $975. The photos aren't great, but it looks like the walls have a fresh coat of paint and the floors have recently been refinished. Also, it's just a couple of blocks away from Kuma's Corner, which is a nice perk.

·2959 W Fletcher St #1, Chicago, IL 60618 [Domu]